Great news! We just received a COVID19 variance from the county ON 6/17/20 and were able to start our weekly 3D league shoots!

Due to the COVID19 situation we will have some restrictions and changes.

  • Registration will be online only (using Signup Genius).
  • There will NOT be a cash signup table at the range (to avoid over congregating).
  • Because we are using online registration the weekly charge will now be $7.00. This is due to online transaction fees.
  • We ask participants to maintain social distancing and observe current requirements from Fort Collins and Larimer County.
  • We will have 20 targets with a maximum of 5 people per target!
  • Score cards will be picked up at the targets. Score cards can be dropped off after the shoot at a box by the club house.
  • The clubhouse will be closed.

To register online for the shoot – click the link below.


It will take you to the Signup Genius website. At this site, you can click on the target that you would like to signup for (contact your shooting buddies and pick a target, so you can sign up together). Once you pick a target and submit, you can enter your email address and name – then it will ask you to pay.

Please bear with us as we work out the kinks and get this up and running!


Membership in the club is required to participate and each shoot is $5.  Shooting starts promptly at 6:30 pm.  Registration starts at 5:15 pm and ends at 6:15 pm.

The use of rangefinders is allowed however NOT binoculars.  We suggest one person per group per group range the target – this saves time and keeps things moving.

Scoring is standard 12-10-8-5-0 method with twenty targets shot one time each. Each session consists of four weeks of shooting, using the highest three scores for the final ranking. Final ranking is based on the Lewis Class Scoring system which gives everyone a chance to win.