FCAA -NEW- Equipment Storage Building

In a joint project with the City of Fort Collins Parks Department, FCAA has built a new equipment storage building! This new building replaces our old shed, and will better protect our targets and equipment - and will make it easier for our 3D setup crews!        

Boy Scouts + FCAA range improvement in 2019

In 2019 we had a wonderful opportunity to work with Kyle Nordick and the Boy Scouts of America.  Kyle's Eagle Scout project was  to replace the elevated platform on target #3.  This is a great improvement - Thanks Kyle!!      

Online Memberships

We are strongly urging all are members to join/renew online as it greatly streamlines our membership process.  Our goal is to have a paperless membership registration process moving forward.  There are several reasons we are asking help from our members: Legibility - handwritten applications are prone to human error, from both reading the membership application [...]