2020 Arctic Shoot

The 2020 Arctic Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd.  A chili lunch will be provided following the shoot. The cost is $10 for 20 targets with NO score.  There is NO CASH PAYBACK .  Payment will be CASH OR CHECK ONLY -- NO CREDIT CARDS. Shotgun start at 10am, shooting until 1pm.  Setup and take [...]

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2020 – Upcoming Events

Greetings FCAA members! We hope you all had a productive fall and a great holiday season! Below are the dates of events for the coming year.  As always, volunteers to are much appreciated!  More info on each event will be detailed as the dates draw nearer. February 22  -Arctic shoot April 18        [...]

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Online Memberships

We are strongly urging all are members to join/renew online as it greatly streamlines our membership process.  Our goal is to have a paperless membership registration process moving forward.  There are several reasons we are asking help from our members: Legibility - handwritten applications are prone to human error, from both reading the membership application [...]

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