2015 Arctic Shoot

Saturday, February 7th, 2015 At the FCAA Outdoor Archery Range $15 entry fee, 50% payback, chili lunch included in entry fee Registration from 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM, shotgun start at 10:00 AM Children 17 and under may shoot (and eat) for free or pay the entry fee to be eligible for payback Twenty Rinehart [...]

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Boy Scouts + FCAA range improvements day

On Saturday, October 18th at 8:30am we'll be helping a Kyle Perlic earn his Eagle Scout Awards by joining us to make some improvements to the range. We will be making improvements to the trail from the upper parking lot that leads to the road below, and the trail from target #1 of the field [...]

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FCAA Workday

FCAA members, We’re having a work day at the range this Saturday, May 03, starting at 8:00 AM.  We’ll be replacing and rebuilding the target butts on the field course range, and cleaning out the garage.  The field course has 17 targets, plus the big elk target, the garage has things that have been saved [...]

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2014 Arctic Shoot

Thanks to all the hearty souls who made it out to our Arctic Shoot.  We had a great turnout considering the less than ideal conditions, although the weather did add an air of authenticity to the shoot!  I think we had a record number of volunteers to help setup and take down, thanks so much [...]

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New Credit Card Pay Station

Now Available 1/23 - a NEW credit card pay station is installed for users to purchase the $3.00 daily parking pass. This NEW pay station will ONLY accept credit card payments. The current cash pay station will ONLY be in place until Feb 21 during the transition to the new credit card pay station.

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FCAA Archery 2013

We’re fortunate as a club to have resources available that allow us to teach archery to many different groups in a variety of capacities.   If you’re a club member and are interested in using club equipment to help with ANY archery instruction, be it the kid next door or a youth event at your local [...]

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Online Memberships

We are strongly urging all are members to join/renew online as it greatly streamlines our membership process.  Our goal is to have a paperless membership registration process moving forward.  There are several reasons we are asking help from our members: Legibility - handwritten applications are prone to human error, from both reading the membership application [...]

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Passing of Jim Widmier

Recently the archery community lost one of it's biggest supporters, Jim Widmier (Owner and operator of Arrow Dynamics, later moved to Jax.)  There will be a memorial service at the old Arrow Dynamics Building at 9AM on Saturday, August 3rd at the old Arrow Dynamics building: 2536 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins.   Below is the [...]

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2013 FCAA Jamboree

The FCAC Summer Jamboree is almost here!  For those new to the association, we have a Jamboree each summer on Father's day weekend.  The purpose of the Jamboree is to get the FCAC members out of Fort Collins for a weekend, do some camping, shooting, singing around the campfire, and just a general way to [...]

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New range targets!

The static ranges have all new targets! Thanks to the amazing work of Jim Hatley and those others who helped out, we have all new Bulldog targets. These targets have a lifetime guarantee and should help us keep costs down on the static ranges. These targets feature replaceable faces and easy arrow removal. Thanks to [...]

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