Fun Shoot!

We are planning a fun shoot on September 26th - the Wednesday after the September hunting season. We are tentatively planning a barbecue cookout, 10 targets, maybe a couple novelty targets. Bring photos and stories!

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New Credit Card Pay Station

Now Available 1/23 - a NEW credit card pay station is installed for users to purchase the $3.00 daily parking pass. This NEW pay station will ONLY accept credit card payments.  

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Online Memberships

We are strongly urging all are members to join/renew online as it greatly streamlines our membership process.  Our goal is to have a paperless membership registration process moving forward.  There are several reasons we are asking help from our members: Legibility - handwritten applications are prone to human error, from both reading the membership application [...]

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Passing of Jim Widmier

Recently the archery community lost one of it's biggest supporters, Jim Widmier (Owner and operator of Arrow Dynamics, later moved to Jax.)  There will be a memorial service at the old Arrow Dynamics Building at 9AM on Saturday, August 3rd at the old Arrow Dynamics building: 2536 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins.   Below is the [...]

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