2019 FCAA Jamboree

FCAA Summer Jamboree - Jack's Gulch The 2019 summer Jamboree is scheduled for June 7-9 at Jacks Gulch, near Pingree Park (about 45 minutes from town).  For those new to the Club, this is a "don't miss" family summer event at no charge to members.  We put out 3-D targets along a trail through the [...]

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FCAA Workday

Hello everyone!  Our annual range work day is scheduled for next Saturday, May 11th.  This is your opportunity to "give back" to the club and help maintain our range as the best public archery range in the state.  WE NEED YOUR HELP! We'll meet at the range at 8:00 am, and groups will be assigned [...]

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Outdoor 3D Leagues

The FCAA summer outdoor 3D leagues begin this Wednesday, May 1st! Membership in the club is required to participate and each shoot is $5.  Shooting starts promptly at 6:30 pm.  Registration starts at 5:15 pm and ends at 6:15 pm.    Help registration move quickly by buying a 4-week punch card! The use of rangefinders [...]

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2019 FCAA Membership Shoot

Our annual membership fun 3-D shoot is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th. Shooting starts at 10:00 a.m. and will end around 2:00.   At noon we will provide lunch at the pavilion while we conduct our annual membership meeting and elections.  For those who have not participated before, there will be some fun novelty targets. There [...]

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FCAA Due Increase Notice

Effective March 1, annual dues for the FCAA have increased to $50 per family per year (up from $40). We regret having to do this, but with the increased cost of targets and the need to generate funds for a new maintenance building and future range improvement projects, the increase is necessary. This will allow [...]

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Credit Card Pay Station – Fee increase

Effective March 1st, 2019,  the City of Fort Collins will increase the cost of the daily parking pass to $5.00. Daily passes are purchased at the credit card pay station kiosk, which is located in the parking lot across from FCAA Club House. The pay station kiosk will ONLY accept credit card payments.

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2019 Arctic Shoot

The 2019 Arctic Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd. A chili lunch will be provided following the shoot. The cost is $10 for 20 targets with no score.  Shotgun start at 10am, shooting until 1pm. Setup and take down help is welcomed and needed, starting at 8:30.

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Online Memberships

We are strongly urging all are members to join/renew online as it greatly streamlines our membership process.  Our goal is to have a paperless membership registration process moving forward.  There are several reasons we are asking help from our members: Legibility - handwritten applications are prone to human error, from both reading the membership application [...]

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