Archery Range Safety & Etiquette

Static Range (Fixed Yardages)

  1. Shoot only in assigned and designated shooting lanes. Never shoot across shooting lanes (cross shooting).
  2. Stay behind the shooting line until shooting by all archers has stopped and someone has yelled out “CLEAR.” There are two sets of targets at the practice range: the even yardage range and the odd yardage range. These are treated as two independent ranges. You may retrieve your arrow if you’re the only individual shooting the odd yardage range, even if archers are still shooting on the even yardage range.
  3. Please NEVER shoot while someone is downrange. If you see someone make the mistake of walking downrange while you and others are at the shooting line, yell out “CEASE FIRE.”
  4. Never nock an arrow when other archers are downrange retrieving arrows.
  5. Always shoot from the shooting line. Never shoot from behind the shooting line.
  6. Always be careful of others’ equipment. Watch where you walk, be careful when removing your bow from the bow‐rack.

Field Course (Walking Range)

  1. If you have to look for an arrow behind a target always lean your bow against the front of the target butt as a signal to approaching archers that someone is behind the target.
  2. If you need to look for an arrow behind the target please limit the time you take to look and be aware of shooters at adjacent targets that may be shooting your way.
  3. Never “back‐track” while on the walking course (please see site map for course layout). Stay on the path leading to the next target and adhere to the counter‐clockwise flow of the course.
  4. When vision is limited for archers behind your group as you are walking to the next target, tell the group behind you when you are clear.
  5. If the group behind you is shooting faster than you are, and has to wait, courtesy says, “let them shoot through” (Go ahead).
  6. After you have finished shooting and are waiting for others, remain fairly quiet and allow them to concentrate on their shooting.
  7. Please, NEVER let small children out of your sight on an archery range.